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2010 International Pro Star

Our Price: $ 39,000 CAD

2010 International pro star, 18 speed/model Eaton, 9000000kms and 13000hr, engine series ISX 550hp, Rear axle weight 40000wit full locking diffs, Front axle weight 12350, Wheel base 208,tire size 22.5, tires excellent, Bunk size 38 flat, Single frame, Very nice truck

Make: International Model: Pro Star Year: 2010 Km: 900000 kms

T800 water truck

Our Price: $ 73,000 CAD

Make: Kenworth Model: T800 Year: 2009 Km: 442525 kms

2008 T800 Tridrive Kenworth

Our Price: $ 75,000 CAD

525 cummins 18speed46 axle weight full lockers wheel base 240 tires 22.5 drives rubber good condition single frame day cab 593459km 6106hrs it is  deleted

Make: Kenworth Model: T800 Tridrive Year: 2008 Km: 593459 kms

Kenworth T800 Day Cab

Our Price: $ 49,000 CAD

Kenworth T800 Day Cab 13speed pre emmission engine make c13 380 truck is not deleted 46 full locking diffs 206 inch wheel base rubber is 22.5 single frame 3262287km 18312hrs

Make: Kenworth Model: T800 Year: 2007 Km: 18312 kms

2007 Mack tractor chu613

Our Price: $ 52,000 CAD

Make: Mack Model: chu613 Year: 2007 Km: 690802 kms

2006 Kenworth T800B

Our Price: $ 49,000 CAD

Make: Kenworth Model: T800B Year: 2006 Km: 26170 kms

2005 Freightliner dump truck M12

Our Price: $ 44,500 CAD

2005 freightliner dump truck newer rubber 13speed  Mercedes 450hp  nice unit recent safety   

Make: Freightliner Model: M12 Year: 2005 Km: 800000 kms

T800B Day Cab Frame Truck Tandem

Our Price: $ 49,000 CAD

2005 Frame truck c13 Cat 430/470hp 13speed 46 rears with full locks WB 246 drives streers good condition single frame 21ft to back exhaust 22 to cab  has 372 000km 24606hrs Excellent truck for grain/gravel or decktruck

Make: Kenworth Model: T800B Tandem Year: 2005 Km: 372350 kms

T800 Day Cab Tractor

Our Price: $ 62,000 CAD

2004 T800 c13 power 18speed 46 full locking rears 4.11 gears this truck was a vocational truck a majority of its life the total truck 883188km original 31000 hrs showing they generally do not work hard WB 220, steer and drive good condition, single frame, tire size 22.5 fleet unit this company does …

Make: Kenworth Model: T800 Year: 2004 Km: 883188 kms

1997 Kenworth T800

Our Price: $ 53,000 CAD

1997 kenworth T800 9182kms engine 12.7L Detroit deisel Series 60  Transmission Eaton Fuller 13speed heavy spec AirRide Cab  Sleeper size 50" rubber 24.5 Rear end ratio 4.56 locking diffs mid bunk

Make: kenworth Model: T800 Year: 1997 Km: 9182 kms